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Attorney appointments – Please read the below information before selecting your appointment!

What is the best way to Reach US?

Schedule your online consultation

When it comes to how to contact us, we have several options.

  1. Our local clients, as well as from around the globe, prefer distance consultations.
  2. We have selected WhatsApp and Zoom for our distance consultations in this appointment panel.
  3. All consultation appointments are with attorney Daniel Lenghea who can answer your specific questions. You can read about his qualifications here
  4. You can pay using your credit card and once paid you will receive an appointment confirmation and a Zoom Link.
  5. If you prefer to have the consultation on WhatsApp, please use the same appointment panel, pay for your appointment, and once confirmed please send a WhatsApp message to +1 (305) 848-4707 with your appointment confirmation and your preferred contact number. The same applies to local clients (in the US) that wish to be contacted on a US phone number.
  6. Please Select the correct appointment type, date, and time.
  7. Dates and times are expressed from your time zone (generated by your computer IP).
  8. The below phone number and contact form is not actively monitored and it cannot be used for legal advice. 
  9. Information about qualifications, visa types, the law, rules, and availabilities for certain individuals beyond what is presented on the site are consultations and have to be scheduled and paid for by using this panel.
  10. The information presented on the site is NOT legal advice and may not apply to you, as the law is complex and only through a legal consultation you can determine what privileges, rights and/or obligations you may have. For this reason, we strongly advise you to obtain a consultation and not rely on internet information. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

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