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Individuals desiring to move to USA from Australia have the option to apply for various visas and immigration permits, enabling them to reside either temporarily or permanently. So if you are considering immigration to the USA from Australia, our immigration lawyers in Miami are ready to assist, regardless of the type of visa you intend to apply for. 

Want to Move to USA from Australia
- 2024 updates

The United States and Australia stand as two of the world’s largest and most significant economies. Beyond economic similarities, they share another commonality—their populations predominantly speak English, facilitating relatively easy relocation between the two countries.

Entry visa requirementNo
Visas Available for Long-term ImmigrationYes
Types of visas availableShort-term residence permits, work permits, student visas, permanent resident cards
Time frame for obtaining a US residence permit (approx.)Approximately 6 months
Validity of temporary residence permit3 months to 10 years, based on the type of residence permit obtained
Time frame for obtaining permanent residence (approx.)10 years
Investor Visa Availability (YES/NO)Yes, (EB-5) visa
Special Immigration Program Availability (YES/NO)E-3 Specialty Occupation Workers
Family Reunification Visas Availability (YES/NO)Yes, fiance and spouse visas
Citizenship Requirements5 years based on Green Card, 3 years based on marriage

Immigrant and Non-immigrant Visas for Australian Citizens

Moving from Australia to the USA involves two significant categories of visas: non-immigrant and immigrant visas. Each category serves distinct purposes, catering to temporary visits or long-term relocation, respectively.

  1. Non-immigrant Visas:
    • These visas are designed for individuals seeking temporary stays in the USA.
    • They are suitable for visits, business trips, or short-term assignments.
    • Non-immigrant visas do not lead to permanent residency (Green Card).
  2. Immigrant Visas:
    • Immigrant visas are intended for those looking to establish long-term residency in the USA.
    • Obtaining an immigrant visa can lead to acquiring a Green Card, providing a path to permanent residency.

No matter the chosen visa type, our immigration lawyers in the USA are available to provide comprehensive explanations of the requirements associated with each. We offer support to individuals interested in applying for both immigrant and non-immigrant visas for the USA.

Immigrant Visas When Moving to the USA from Australia

When Australians plan to relocate to the USA, particularly for employment or entrepreneurial ventures, immigrant visas are commonly sought through the US Consulate in Sydney. Various types of immigrant visas cater to different purposes:

  1. Employment-Related Visas with US Green Card:
    • These visas are tailored for Australian citizens seeking employment opportunities in the USA, offering a pathway to obtaining the coveted US Green Card.
  2. Family Reunification Visas:
    • Designed for Australian citizens married to US citizens, these visas facilitate family reunification by allowing spouses to move and reside together in the United States.
  3. Fiancé Visas:
    • Intended for Australians engaged to US citizens, fiancé visas permit individuals to enter the US for the purpose of marriage.
  4. Investor Visa:
    • Australian citizens desiring to establish their own businesses in the US can opt for investor visas, which support their entrepreneurial endeavors.
  5. Diversity Visa:
    • The Diversity Visa program provides another avenue for Australian citizens to relocate to the United States, offering a chance through a lottery system.

For detailed information about specific visa types or if you are considering immigration to the United States from Australia, feel free to reach out to our lawyers in Miami for guidance and assistance.

How to Relocate to USA from Australia and Obtain a Green Card

The Green Card serves as the equivalent of a residence permit in other countries, and the United States offers a distinct advantage – the ability to obtain it directly under certain circumstances, making the immigration process more accessible compared to some other nations.

For Australian citizens seeking to immigrate to the USA and obtain a Green Card, there are two primary avenues:

  1. Through Employment:
    • Australian citizens can secure a Green Card by obtaining employment with a US company willing to sponsor their visa application.
    • The H1B visa is a key option for professionals and high-skilled workers, covering various fields such as IT, finance, marketing, healthcare, and more.
    • To qualify for the H1B visa, applicants must be specialists in designated fields, and securing a job with a US employer is a prerequisite.
  2. Through Family Reunification:
    • Family members of US citizens or Green Card holders can apply for a Green Card through family reunification.
    • Requirements and procedures differ for each type of immigration process.

Our law firm in Miami is ready to provide comprehensive support, regardless of the chosen immigration route.

H1B Visa for Australian Citizens

  • The H1B visa is particularly advantageous for employment-based immigration.
  • It is designed for professionals in various sectors, including IT, finance, marketing, engineering, and more.
  • Securing a job with a US company is essential, as the employer becomes the sponsor for the visa application.

Important Note:

  • The H1B visa has an annual cap, with 85,000 visas issued worldwide each year.
  • Australian citizens, being English speakers, find it relatively easier to relocate to the USA based on this visa.
  • The H1B visa also offers the advantage of being a pathway to obtaining a US Green Card through employment.

If you plan to relocate to the USA from Australia, especially through the H1B visa, it is crucial to act promptly due to the annual cap. Our immigration lawyer in Miami can guide you through the application process and ensure a smooth transition. Additionally, if relocating with family, separate visa applications are required for each family member. Our legal team can provide assistance throughout the entire process, including verifying the US company you plan to work with.

The E3 Work Visa for Australian Citizens

The strong diplomatic ties between the USA and Australia have led to the creation of the E3 work visa, exclusively available to Australian citizens. Introduced in 2005, this type of residence permit allows Australians to work in the USA for a limited period with the same benefits as permanent residents.

Key points about the E3 work visa:

  1. Similarities with H1B Visa:
    • Like the H1B visa, the E3 visa requires securing a job and sponsorship from a US employer.
  2. Advantages of E3 Visa:
    • Renewable Every Two Years: The E3 visa can be renewed every two years without limitation.
    • Spousal Work Authorization: The spouse of an E3 visa holder is also entitled to work in the USA, providing an additional benefit.
  3. Comparison with H1B Visa:
    • The H1B visa, in contrast, has a 3-year validity and can be renewed once for an additional 3 years.
  4. Annual Quota:
    • There is an annual quota of 10,500 E3 visas issued to Australian citizens.
  5. Opportunity for Irish Citizens:
    • If the full quota is not utilized by Australian citizens, the remaining visas are available for application by Irish citizens.

If you are considering immigration to the USA from Argentina and are interested in the E3 work visa, our US immigration law firm can assist you in preparing the application. Additionally, our services extend to Irish citizens seeking to apply for the E3 visa and move to the USA.

Family Reunification for Australian Citizens Moving to the USA

The United States and Australia share a robust economic partnership, leading to significant migration between the two nations. For Australian citizens seeking to move to the USA, particularly those with family members already residing there, family reunification offers a straightforward pathway. The spouse visa, in particular, is a commonly utilized method for migration.

Types of Family Reunification Visas:

  1. Immediate Relative Visa:
    • Available for the following categories of immigrants:
      • Spouse of an American citizen.
      • Unmarried child under 21 years old of an American citizen.
      • Orphan child of an American citizen.
      • Parent of an American citizen.
  2. Family Preference Visa:
    • Issued to other relatives of American citizens, covering a broader range of applicants.
    • Additional requirements, including sponsorship, apply for bringing Australian citizens to the USA.

General Requirements for Family Reunification:

  • The requirements for family reunification are generally consistent across the USA, with variations in sponsorship requirements on a state-to-state basis.

Support from Immigration Lawyers in Miami:

  • Our immigration lawyers in Miami are well-equipped to provide support for those looking to immigrate to the USA from Australia, specifically choosing Florida as their destination.
  • Assistance is available for navigating the specific requirements, documentation, and sponsorship processes associated with family reunification visas.

Whether you are considering an Immediate Relative Visa or a Family Preference Visa, our legal team is ready to guide you through the immigration process, ensuring a smooth transition for you and your family to the United States.

Sponsorship Requirements When Moving to the USA from Australia

For Australian citizens seeking immigration to the USA under the Family Preference Visa, sponsorship by US-based relatives is a crucial aspect of the process. The sponsoring individual must be either a US permanent resident or an American citizen at the time their Australian family members decide to relocate with them.

Key Points Regarding Sponsorship:

  1. Sponsor Eligibility:
    • The sponsor must hold either US permanent residency or American citizenship.
  2. Minimum Income Requirement:
    • Sponsors are required to meet a minimum income threshold, determined by factors such as the number of Australian citizens moving to the USA and the number of family members already residing in the US-based household.
    • It’s important to note that these income conditions may no longer apply once the Australian citizen relocates and finds employment in the USA.
  3. Advantages of Employment:
    • One significant advantage of moving to the USA from Australia is the absence of restrictions on working for Australian citizens once they have moved with their American relatives.
  4. State-Specific Requirements:
    • If you are planning to migrate to a specific US state, such as Florida, it’s essential to be aware of any state-specific sponsorship requisites. Our lawyers in Miami can provide detailed information on sponsorship requirements applicable in Florida.

Support from Lawyers in Miami:

  • Our legal team in Miami is well-versed in the sponsorship requirements for Australian citizens moving to the USA.
  • We can offer guidance on meeting sponsorship criteria and navigating the immigration process seamlessly.

Whether you are considering migration to Florida or any other US state, our lawyers are ready to assist you in understanding and fulfilling the sponsorship requisites for a smooth and successful relocation.

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The Immediate Relative Visa for Australian Citizens

Australian citizens have the opportunity to obtain residency in the USA through the Immediate Relative Visa program, which is designed for close family members of US citizens. The process involves specific requirements:

  1. Initiation by the US Citizen:
    • The immigration procedure must be initiated by the US citizen family member.
  2. Documentary Evidence of Relationship:
    • The relationship between the US citizen and the Australian citizen must be substantiated with specific documents such as birth certificates or marriage certificates.
  3. Application for Green Card:
    • Following the proof of relationship, the Australian citizen can apply for a Green Card, provided they meet the admissibility criteria.

Key Points:

  • Initiating the immigration procedure by the US citizen is a fundamental step in obtaining the Immediate Relative Visa.
  • Proof of relationship through essential documents is a crucial aspect of the application process.
  • Australian citizens can apply for a Green Card, granting them permanent residency in the USA.

Advantages of Immediate Relative Visa:

  • Immigrating to the USA from Australia as an immediate relative is a relatively straightforward process.
  • There are no numerical restrictions on the number of close family members of American citizens who can move to the USA.

Tailored Assistance from Immigration Lawyers:

  • Our immigration lawyers in the USA offer customized assistance for Australian citizens looking to relocate, ensuring a smooth process.
  • We can provide valuable tips on finding suitable accommodation, whether in Miami or its suburban areas, to make the transition more comfortable.

If you are considering moving to the USA from Australia through the Immediate Relative Visa program, our legal team is ready to provide guidance and support at every step of the process. Feel free to reach out for assistance tailored to your specific situation.

Becoming a Citizen of the USA When Relocating from Australia

For Australians looking to become US citizens, naturalization is the primary pathway. The following conditions must be met to obtain a US passport:

  1. Green Card Holder for 5 Years:
    • The individual must be a Green Card holder for a minimum of 5 years.


  2. Permanent Resident for 3 Years by Marriage:
    • Alternatively, one can become a permanent resident of the US for at least 3 years by marrying a US citizen.

Naturalization Process:

  • Obtaining US citizenship involves an interview with US authorities.

Assistance from Immigration Lawyers:

  • Many Australian citizens have successfully become US passport holders. If you meet the specified requirements, our immigration lawyers in Miami can assist you in preparing the necessary documents for citizenship application.

For guidance on applying E2 Treaty investor visa, our US immigration law firm is ready to assist.

Useful Tips When Moving to the USA from Australia

  1. Housing:
    • Consider your housing options, whether renting a house or an apartment. Prices vary across cities and regions.
  2. Health Insurance and Social Security Number:
    • Ensure you have health insurance and obtain a Social Security Number upon arrival. These are essential steps that can be completed shortly after moving.
  3. Choosing a Location in Florida:
    • Florida, particularly Miami or suburban areas like Kendall or Homestead, may offer a familiar feel for Australians. Miami, in particular, provides diverse work and business opportunities.

Documents for Immigration from Australia to the USA

  • The required documents vary based on the type of visa sought by an Australian citizen. Generally, a valid passport, completed application form, and scheduling a visa interview are standard.
  • For employment, fiancé, or spouse visas, part of the immigration process must be completed by the sponsor in the USA.
  • Family reunification sponsors must meet specific requirements, including the ability to financially support the Australian citizen moving to the US.
  • In the case of employment-based immigration, the sponsoring company facilitates a less complicated procedure.

No matter the reason for moving to the USA from Australia, our immigration lawyers offer tailored services and guidance throughout the process.

Statistics on Immigration from Australia to the USA

While the Australian community in the USA may not be the largest, Australians are found living across the globe. According to the Australian Community in the USA, the distribution of Australians in the USA is notable, with a concentration in New York. However:

  1. Diverse Australian Communities:
    • Australians are present in various US cities, including California, South Florida, Denver, Seattle, and Houston.
  2. Visa Trends:
    • In 2019, the number of Australians entering the United States on 3-month visas experienced a 2.54% decline.
    • Conversely, there was a 1.7% surge in business visa entries for Australians during the same period.
  3. American Citizens of Australian Descent:
    • As of 2020, there were 114,820 American citizens of Australian descent living in the US.

While the Australian community in the USA may not be the largest immigrant group, the diverse distribution across cities and the changing trends in visa entries highlight the ongoing presence and contributions of Australians in the United States.

FAQ on Immigration to USA from Australia

  1. What is the easiest way of moving to the United States from Australia? There is no one-size-fits-all visa for all immigrants. The easiest way depends on individual circumstances. Our immigration lawyers can provide personalized recommendations based on your situation.
  2. After I apply for a visa, how long will it take to obtain it? Each visa has specific requirements, resulting in varying processing times. Generally, it can take up to one year or more to obtain a visa.
  3. Can I get a job in the US while I am in Australia? Yes, you can secure employment and then apply for the E-3 visa, available exclusively for Australian citizens.
  4. How much does it cost to move to the USA? The cost of moving to the USA includes visa fees, as well as expenses related to renting or buying property. Costs vary based on the type of visa and the chosen state.

For Personalized Support:

If you are considering moving to the USA from Australia and need guidance or support, please reach out to our immigration lawyers in the USA. They can provide assistance tailored to your specific needs and circumstances.


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