How to Move to USA from Europe – Choose the right VISA

How to Move to USA from Europe

For those contemplating how to move to the USA from Europe, our immigration lawyers in Miami offer insights into the primary options available. Moreover, our team provides guidance to citizens of European countries in choosing the most suitable type of visa for their specific circumstances.

How to Move to USA from Europe
Choose the right VISA - 2024 updates

Every year, millions of individuals worldwide aspire to immigrate to new countries, with the United States being a popular destination, particularly for citizens from European countries. Fortunately, strong economic ties between many European states and the US streamline the relocation process, provided immigrants select and apply for the appropriate visa.

Navigating the immigration process can be complex, and selecting the right visa is crucial for a smooth and successful transition to the United States. Our experienced immigration lawyers are ready to assist and simplify the journey, ensuring individuals from Europe make informed decisions to achieve their goals of relocating to the USA.

Key Considerations for a Successful Move to the USA from Europe

When contemplating a move to the United States from Europe, individuals must take into account several crucial factors to ensure a smooth and efficient relocation. Here are important considerations:

  1. Country of Origin: Explore special programs and agreements that the US may have in place with specific European countries, facilitating certain aspects of the immigration process.
  2. Family Ties: Consider family reunification options if there are relatives already residing in the United States, as this can qualify individuals for specific visas.
  3. Qualifications for Employment: Assess qualifications and explore employment opportunities in the US, potentially leading to work-related visas.
  4. Entrepreneurial Aspirations: For those looking to start their own businesses, investigate investor visas as a viable option for immigration.
  5. Economic Relations and Schengen Countries: Recognize the strong economic relations between the US and the European Union, providing opportunities for highly skilled migrants. Additionally, citizens of Schengen countries benefit from simplified visa procedures for short-term visits.
  6. Compliance for Non-EU Citizens: Non-EU citizens residing in EU countries should be aware of and comply with the immigration requirements in their home states when moving to the United States.

For individuals seeking information on how to move to the USA from Europe and secure the right visa, including options like the spouse visa for the US, our immigration lawyers in the USA offer comprehensive guidance tailored to individual circumstances.

Green Card Acquisition: Those aspiring to secure permanent residency in the United States can inquire about the green card application process. Our immigration lawyers are equipped to assist in meeting the requirements and navigating the path to obtaining this coveted residency document.

Diverse Visa Options for Immigration from Europe to the USA

Individuals exploring how to immigrate to the USA from Europe have a range of visa options to consider, each catering to different circumstances:

  1. Business Visas: For those seeking to engage in business activities in the USA.
  2. Visas for Persons of Extraordinary Ability: Designed for individuals with exceptional skills and achievements in their field.
  3. Work Visas: Offering opportunities for employment in the United States.
  4. Fiancé Visas: Ideal for those planning to marry US citizens, allowing for immigration to the USA.
  5. Spouse Visas: Available for individuals immigrating from Europe to join their American permanent resident or citizen spouses.
  6. Investor and Entrepreneur Visas: Geared towards individuals looking to invest or start businesses in the USA.

One notable advantage of immigrating from Europe to the USA is that many of these visa categories may lead to the issuance of a Green Card upon arrival. Compared to Europe, the United States tends to facilitate the process of obtaining permanent residency when applicants meet the eligibility criteria. This ease of transition is a significant factor driving the interest of many citizens in how to move to the USA from Europe.

For those considering immigration to Miami, our experienced lawyers are ready to provide guidance on obtaining a Green Card or any type of visa, including the spouse visa for the US.

How to obtain a US Green Card as a citizen of a European country

Citizens of European countries seeking a US Green Card can follow a systematic process outlined below:

  1. Initiate the Process: Start the immigration procedure at the US embassy or consulate in the home country. Alternatively, if the applicant has a US sponsor, such as an employer or family member, the process can be initiated in the USA.
  2. Choose the Right Visa Type: Identify the suitable type of visa and submit the application to the US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS).
  3. Sponsorship Requirement: For employment and family reunification channels, a sponsor is necessary. The sponsor, whether an employer or family member, must initiate the procedure.
  4. Application Approval: Upon approval, an immigration interview is scheduled as part of the evaluation process.
  5. Document Submission: After a successful interview, the approved applicant must submit the required documents to obtain the requested visa.

Important considerations:

  • Limited Employment Visas: Note that a limited number of employment visas are issued annually. Starting the application procedure at the beginning of the fiscal year (typically in autumn) is advisable.
  • US Immigration Law Firm Assistance: Our immigration law firm in the United States is ready to assist citizens from all European countries in their journey to move to the USA and obtain a Green Card. Our services cover comprehensive guidance and support throughout the immigration process.

Strategic Immigration: The EB-2 NIW Green Card Advantage

For those wondering how to move to the USA from Europe and secure a Green Card, our experienced team is dedicated to providing tailored assistance and ensuring a smooth transition to the United States.

Moving from the UK to the USA after Brexit

The impact of Brexit on migration requirements primarily affects UK citizens’ movements within the European Union. However, for UK nationals planning to move to the USA, there are no changes, and the same immigration procedures apply. UK citizens can pursue suitable visas based on their qualifications or reasons for relocation, including immigrant or non-immigrant categories.

Our immigration law firm in Miami provides guidance for UK citizens seeking to move to the USA, offering comprehensive support throughout the visa application process.


Relocating to the USA from a Schengen Country

The Schengen area, consisting of 22 European countries, has facilitated visa-free travel among its members. While most Schengen citizens enjoy visa-free travel to the USA for short stays, those seeking to immigrate for over 90 days or permanently will require appropriate visas or residence permits.

Our lawyers in Miami offer specialized services to individuals from Schengen countries looking to move to the USA, providing advice on visa options and supporting the relocation process.

Moving from Germany to the USA

German citizens, known for their excellent qualifications, often choose to relocate to the USA for various opportunities, particularly in employment. The process begins at the US Consulate in Frankfurt, where necessary documents are submitted for visa applications.

Options for German citizens moving to the USA include skilled worker visas, family reunification, and intra-company transfers for employees of German companies with branches in the USA. While German communities thrive in various states, Florida, particularly Miami, offers enticing possibilities and resources for immigrants.

Our law firm in Miami specializes in immigration services, catering to German citizens and others seeking to move to the USA from Europe. We provide guidance on visa selection, application processes, and support throughout the relocation journey.

For detailed advice and assistance on moving to the USA from the UK, Schengen countries, or Germany, our experienced immigration lawyers are ready to help.

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Moving from Northern Europe to the USA

Northern European countries are renowned for their advanced education and healthcare systems, along with a high quality of life, making their lifestyles well-suited for those in the United States. This is a key factor motivating citizens from Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Iceland to relocate to the US each year.

Individuals from these countries can follow the same immigration routes as people from around the world, opting for immigration through employment, business ventures, or family reunification.

It is entirely possible for entire families from Northern Europe, including those from the mentioned countries, to make the move to the USA. They can apply for Green Cards if at least one family member secures employment or an entrepreneur visa for the US.

When making the decision to immigrate to the US from Europe, various aspects should be taken into account, given the differences in living and financial conditions between the two continents. Additionally, the legal frameworks vary significantly, necessitating some time to adapt to the new regulations.

If the choice to immigrate to the USA is made, our legal team can provide post-immigration support, including assistance with registration with various authorities, obtaining social security numbers and health insurance, and even helping in selecting a suitable place to stay.

Comparison between the US and European Real Estate Markets

One of the primary considerations for individuals moving from any corner of the world to the US is securing real estate, ensuring they have a place to call home.

From a construction perspective, both continents offer options to rent or buy studio apartments, 2 and 3-bedroom apartments, and various types of houses, catering to the number of family members in the household.

While Europeans typically favor smaller houses, in the US, the possibility of purchasing larger residences exists, depending on the city or town chosen for relocation. It’s common for many US residents to reside in suburban areas.

In terms of pricing, there are notable differences when compared to the European market, with costs influenced by the state, city, and, more specifically, the distance from the largest city where the house is situated.

For example, in Florida, Europeans can discover a variety of living options in both Miami and suburban areas that are equally developed. Overcoming distances is convenient, thanks to the state’s highly advanced national-level infrastructure.

If you are considering renting or buying property in Florida, feel free to reach out to our immigration lawyers in Miami for detailed guidance.

The Simplest Way to Immigrate to the USA from Europe

Moving from Europe to the US involves a straightforward process that is not significantly different from requirements for other continents. The easiest method for relocation from any country is by applying for a Green Card, attainable through employment or family reunification.

While there are slight variations in the procedures for the two types of residence permits, our lawyers can guide you through the process smoothly.

Regardless of the method you choose for your move to the USA from Europe, our legal team can explain the entire procedure, assist in drafting the necessary documents, and guide you in submitting them to the US embassy or consulate in your home country.

After the paperwork is prepared, scheduling a visa interview is the next step.

Why Choose Miami for Your Move to the USA

Florida, often known as the Sunny State due to its year-round warm climate, holds Miami as one of the most desired American cities among foreign citizens. The city’s infrastructure and beaches stand out as compelling reasons for relocation. Miami is particularly attractive for retirees, while young Europeans find abundant employment opportunities. Entrepreneurs can also explore business possibilities, establishing startup companies for a good lifestyle.

If you seek more reasons to consider Miami for your move, our lawyers can provide detailed information.

US Immigration Statistics

In 2016, there were approximately 4.8 million European citizens residing in the US. However, recent statistics highlight the following trends among the largest groups of foreign citizens in the US:

  1. Mexico: The highest number of foreign citizens in the US, around 11.2 million, originated from Mexico in 2018.
  2. Asia: China, India, and the Philippines constituted the second-largest groups of Asian immigrants to the USA, with 6%, 4%, and 4% respectively.
  3. Europe: Among European immigrants, 44% hailed from East European countries.

For those seeking information on relocating to the USA from Europe, our US immigration lawyers are available to provide assistance. Contact us Now.

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