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What is the best way to Reach US?

When it comes to how to contact us to obtain information, the following applies:

  1. Our clients around the globe prefer distance consultations.
  2. We have selected WhatsApp and Zoom for our distance consultations in the appointments panel.
  3. The following form is for screening our potential clients who want to initiate the process without making an appointment for a consultation.
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We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Immigration Contact Form

Please include country code (+ country code)
Special ability is a very broad term from sports, sciences, arts, technology, business or any specific field.
In general an ability may or may not require a degree but will have to be recognized by other individuals or organizations in that field.
Example: An Airline Pilot can have an internationally recognized special ability.
An artist that has exhibited his artwork publicly can be deemed a local, national, or international special ability artist.
A web or application developer can be a person that through his work have an internationally recognized special ability.
A business professional may have represented a company to achieve significant objectives and thus posses a local, national, or international special ability.
Amount of available funds (it can be borrowed). You can also put 0 if none available.
Describe as much as you can what you are interested in accomplishing such as relocating to US, investing, professional visa, temporary work, study, etc. Give as much detail as we can so we can get a general idea.

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